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Save Our Election:
Tell Pollsters You Choose “Real Substance

The campaigns this year have devolved into:

Everyone can agree that we want things to be better, we want more jobs, we want a better economy, we want improved schools, we want dignity, we want freedom. How will we achieve these things? We must hold our candidates accountable. They must tell us how they will achieve their goals. We can't just let them promise goodies without telling us how they will deliver them.

It is time to stop complaining and be part of the solution. We need to hold the candidates accountable. Here is how we can start:

Don't let them corral you into choosing either Obama or Romney or Undecided. Insist that you prefer “Real Substance.” If they question this response, point them to this post. If enough people do this, it will eventually get picked up and reported. But, most importantly only then will the poll-driven campaigns take note. Only then will the candidates and their campaigns realize that they cannot just keep on lying to us, advertising nonsense, and avoiding the issues. Only then will they have to acknowledge that we demand honesty, accountability, and transparency, nothing less.

Maybe this social media phenomenon can help bring about an “American Spring” this fall.

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The mythical candidate that people choose when they want to promote a better election.

Imagine the effect when a newscaster has to say “In today's poll 25% of the voters chose Obama, 25% Romney, and 50% of the voters chose Real Substance.” Imagine how the campaigns will react when they realize that we won't settle for less than a campaign which is truthful, thoughtful, and about real policy issues.

If a pollster calls you, tell them you want “Real Substance.”

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